Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May 2011

We are not used to having a garden. And when we moved in it was covered by deep snow. But now we discover new flowers every day. Wonderful!

April 2011

We discovered that we have a beautiful magnolia tree in front of our house. Amazing tree!

We enjoyed the lovely spring weather. Ola and Temba took up skateboarding again. And Atlas got inspired and also wanted to try skateboarding.

And Easter was so warm that the Easter chocolate eggs melted and we went for a swim in the lake instead.

19 March 2011

Finally! It is springtime!

February 2011

We are getting to know our new neighbourhood. Being close to the see is really nice.

Nina, Temba and Disa went for a week’s skiing in Austria.

December 2010 – January 2011

We had a lot of snow in Malmö this winter. The children really enjoyed it!

In January we moved into our house. It is on Beleshögsvägen, in the western part of Malmö, close to the beach. Temba and Disa moved to a new school. Very exciting times for all of us!