Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

The Ringdahl wishes all friends – near and far – a wonderful 2012!

The picture below shows Atlas’ idea of a Lucia celebration in Sweden. A future artist?

Happy New Year from OlaNinaTembaDisaTinnaAtlas

September to December 2011

December was unusually warm, almost 10 degrees. The roses in the garden thought it was spring time. Tinna ended her dance classes with a very nice show. Temba kept on playing football outdoors, and sang beautifully in the school Lucia choir. We made a ginger bread house and drank our fair share of the Swedish “glögg”. Atlas gave a very nice Christmas concert with his Kindergarten friends. And Disa went on a scout camp. The favourite Christmas gift was a ping-pong-table!

November was full of handball tournaments for Disa. Tinna turned 6 years, Temba turned 11, and Nina turned 29 again (it’s a miracle!).

In October, Ola started a new job, with a healthcare company. Exciting times in a new industry! The kids imitated the American tradition of trick-or-treat for Halloween, and got handsomely awarded by the neighbours.

September was lovely. Disa threw a birthday party for all her classmates (she turned 8 in July). Atlas celebrated his 4th birthday and got a Spiderman birthday cake. Nina went horesback-riding, while Ola had to do with a Segway ride. Temba learned how to solve Rubik’s cube, much to the despair of his parents who always wanted to know how to to it (without breaking it into pieces and reassembling it).