Tuesday, April 22, 2008

22 April – Departure

After all the preparations, and with a lot of help from both grandmothers, we have finally left our apartment. The journey has begun! The travel plan from April until July is: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey.
By now, an e-mail has been sent to all friends to whom we have an e-mail address.
Our e-mail address during the trip is ringdahls@gmail.com
You can follow us during our journey on our travel site: www.ringdahlfamily.blogspot.com (English text). Please note that our updates will not be so frequent.
If you want to read Temba’s words about his experiences, please check www.tembaringdahl.blogspot.com (Swedish text).

All the best,
Ola, Nina, Temba, Disa, Tinna, Atlas Ringdahl

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mete said...

Merhaba !
I have called National Geographic and they are on their way. Normally i would recommend people to buy a carpet in the Bazaar in Istanbul but in your case I a not sure if it will fit into your tent.