Monday, September 22, 2008

8-9 September – Troy, Turkey

The passage into Turkey via the Kipi border post was much smoother than expected.
Turkey is the 26th country so far during our journey and we have now driven close to 20,000 km since our departure from London at the end of March.

We drove down the Gallipoli peninsula, but avoided the many war memorials. A ferry took us across the Dardanelles strait to Canakkale. We sipped sweet, Turkish tea on deck and enjoyed the view. Now we are in Asia!

Our first real stop in Turkey was the ancient city of Troy. The city was founded around 3000 BC and many layers of civilization have been found by the archeologists during their excavations. Troy guarded the entrance to the Dardanelles strait and was a strategically very important city. Tourism is now increasing thanks to the Hollywood movie Troy.

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