Sunday, February 22, 2009

7-13 February – Pokhara, Nepal

The road from Tansen to Pokhara is very scenic. It is amazing to see how the people have managed to build terraces in the impossibly difficult terrain.
People in the small villages were enjoying their day off (Saturday). Women and children were washing themselves and their clothes at the public wells. Men were playing Nepalese board games (most of them are doing that Sunday to Friday as well).
In Pokhara we relaxed for a few days. We enjoyed the Overlander Camping outside of town. In town we found tasty cheese, brown bread, real butter and red wine in a real supermarket. Wow! We were very happy after months of abstinence…
The camping is on the fertile river plains close to the lake Phewa Tal. It is a very peaceful place. We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings for a few days, resting a bit after our long drive through India from Goa to Nepal.
We drove up to the closest view point, Sarangkot (1600m) and enjoyed the view of the Annapurna range, the Phewa Lake and the paragliders riding on the thermal winds. What an amazing panorama! This gave us an appetite for more mountain views.

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