Sunday, June 14, 2009

5-14 June – Hanoi, Vietnam

We approached Hanoi through a sea of motorbikes. It was obvious that we had left courteous Laos and entered a more intense and crowded country.
We arrived at the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi where we where met by our friends Elsa and Kristoffer. They moved here a year ago with their children Jonatan and Miriam. It was steaming hot (35-40 degrees) and we happily accepted the offer to stay in the guest house where a modern A/C unit was humming.
We have had a wonderful time in charming Hanoi.
Some highlights:

Exploring the old quarters on foot, with our guide Linda.
Leaning back in a cyclo and cruising slowly through the narrow streets.
Visiting the Mausoleum where Ho Chi Minh lies on his permanent lit de parade.
The Swedish Film Festival which took place in Hanoi and was opened by Elsa.
Burning incense at the Ngoc Son Temple, where Kristoffer told the ancient tale of Hanoi, a story about a turtle and a magical sword.
Watching the water puppet show where skillful puppet masters showcased Vietnamese folk tales.
Spending time with Elsa, Kristoffer, Jonatan and Miriam. The talks, the food, the excursions, the wonderful hospitality. Thank you so much!


Minh ^^ said...

Hi ^^

I'm Minh and I'm from Vietnam. Today when I took a look at the news, I see your family's trip from Sweden- your hometown to VietNam. I was very stunned by the fact that your happy family have gone through 53.000 km by this only Land Rover. What amazing! And I think you have the rights to be proud of your family.

I hope want day do the meaningful as your family did. I also look forward to another trip of yours.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have one question that appear on my mind right at the moment I read about your fantastic journey. How can you estimate cost of your journey?
Cause I'm really really interesting with your "project", cause sometimes I used to dream about such a journey. But the first difficult I met always be the estimation cost =)
Wish you and your family fun when visiting my country, Vietnam from Hochiminh city,Vietnam

Ringdahl family said...

We are happy that you liked reading about us. It is really an amazing trip we have done and are still doing, of course! Highly recommended and very contageous...

ngokiemanh: It is very difficult to estimate costs, but we can recommend starting with a smaller trip (maybe around your own fantastic country). That will give you a general idea

Best regards, NinaOlaTembaDisaTinnaAtlas

Memet said...

Hej ringdahl ! Jag heter Edip, som ni traffade i Van Vieng. Kul att ni har blivit omskrivna av Vietnam :) Sry att jag inte har kommenterat ngt, men jag har varit i min egen lilla varld... har forsokt overleva i Kambodja och deras jobbiga ungar 'only one dollar! Why you dont be from me, but buying from her!'

Om ni vill lasa om mina aventyrer sa kan ni ga in pa, och soka pa alias: Edips

Jag hoppas att eran resa fortsatter att ga bra som den har gjort. Ta hand om er och halsa barnen!


Quang-Anh Nguyen said...

Hi, I am a Vietnamese, I have read the news about your family through Vietnamese Forum. People are so amazing about your brave journey. Goodluck on the road ahead or in Vietnamese " Lên đường may mắn"

VietDoor (James Duy Trinh) said...

Dear friends,

I am very surprise when I see that your family has done a great tour.

I like to travel around the world very much and you know that I also have to work hard to earn money. If I must save money to make a tour, I am sure that I have never had a chance to do my hobbies.

Could you please so kind to share with me your experience how to prepare for the perfect journey, such as money, security, taking care children, living activities, ect.

I wish I could do great thing like you.

Thanking you in anticipation and wish your family healthy and happily.

Duy Trinh

Ringdahl family said...

Duy Trinh:
Thank you for your comments! If you want some more info on details, please send us an e-mail address and maybe we can answer your specific questions.
Regards, Ringdahls