Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 2009

We celebrated Lucia in kindergarten. Tinna and Atlas had practiced a lot and were very cute in their traditional attire.
December was cold and wintry in Sweden. Disa, Tinna and Atlas went ice-skating for the first time ever. They developed their own unique styles, and it was all very entertaining!
It snowed a lot and we all enjoyed the white surroundings.
We celebrated Christmas in Småland with Nina’s family. From the top: Mr. Snowman, Atlas, Tinna, Disa, Temba.
After Christmas we went to the north of Sweden for some skiing in the Arctic mountains. The heavy snowfall all over Sweden meant that Alhambra had a real challenge. 1200 km of driving through snow and ice. It was one of our most extreme drives ever. And we could not really fathom why we drove north for a holiday, instead of south…?!

The Arctic world was a great place to end the year. But at temperatures between -10 and -20, you have to ski very intensely to keep warm!

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