Saturday, November 30, 2013

July-August 2013 – Family holiday in Italy

This summer we spent four weeks exploring Italy by Land Rover. After crossing the Alps, and checking out the villages of Cinque Terre, we enjoyed the treasures of Pisa.

Florence was lovely and we found a camp site with a swimming pool on the top of the Fiesole hill. Close to 35 degrees, and loads of Italian ice cream.

After stops in Siena and Chianti, we drove down to the Amalfi coast. Winding roads and lovely vistas.

Our next stop was the Vesuvio volcano, which we climbed in the pressing heat. We also visited Pompei, the city which was destroyed and buried by an eruption from Vesuvio in the year 79 A.D.

After the heat in southern Italy (close to 40 degress), we enjoyed some days on the beach on the east coast.

We passed San Marino on our way back. One of the smallest countries in the world, but very beautiful.

Upon returning to Sweden, it was time for the children to get back to school. Temba started seventh grade, Disa 4th, Tinna 2nd and Atlas also started school (preschool level). Ola started his new job, as CEO of Nord-Lock Group. Time to get busy again.


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