Sunday, December 1, 2013

New book about our adventures - "Temba's adventures - From Sweden to Cambodia in a red UFO"

We are now releasing a new book about our adventure travels.
The book ”Tembas Äventyr – Från Sverige till Kambodja i ett rött UFO” (rough title translation: “Temba’s adventures – From Sweden to Cambodia in a red UFO”), tells the story about our 16-month journey by Land Rover through 37 countries.

Temba is the storyteller, and Ola has done the typewriting and layout. There are over 700 colour pictures in the book, many of them taken by Temba, so you will enjoy the book even if you do not understand Swedish!

Please check out more info on our web page
To order the book, please send an e-mail to and tell us:
Title of book, number of signed copies, your name and postal address, your phone number.
The cost of the book is 149 SEK plus shipping cost.

Greetings from Temba & Ola

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