Friday, November 7, 2008

28 October – Bam to Mir Javeh, Iran

The long desert road from Bam to Mir Javeh is camel territory. We saw a herd of more than a hundred animals at a water hole. We veered off the main tarmac road and got stuck immediately in the deep sand just ten meters from the road. We were up to our belly in sand, and a helpful Iranian truck driver pulled us out before we had to start some serious excavation work…

We found an alternative route to the camels and got all the camel pictures we need for a lifetime.

From Zahedan to Mir Javeh we had police escort. There have been drug-related kidnappings of foreigners in this area. Most of the opium in the world is grown in Afghanistan. And most of that opium travels through the desert via Zahedan and Bam to Europe.

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