Friday, November 7, 2008

29-31 October – Quetta, Pakistan

Pakistan is wonderfully different from Iran. When Iran is sober and tidy, Pakistan is colorful and chaotic. Both men and women are wearing the shalwar kameez (tunic and baggy trousers). The women are wearing bright colors. You find exotic and spicy food everywhere.

We entered Pakistan at the dusty frontier village of Taftan. Beyond the border bureaucrats, 600 km of wild desert waited. To our surprise, no police escort was needed. It took us two days to reach Quetta, and we camped in the sand behind some rocky hills along the way.

Entering Quetta was beautifully chaotic. Food stalls, workshops, vehicles, honking horns, animals, myriads of people. We loved it! We spent the following day exploring the bazaar and enjoying the spicy food. Quetta is a great place to experience the special culture and people of Baluchistan.

We even found a shop selling beer (real beer!). So we shared some beers with fellow travelers Anita & Markus (on motorcycle from Switzerland), Peter (on motorcycle from Norway) and Rein & Maaike (in car from Holland). First time we had a real drink since Turkey. Quite nice!

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