Saturday, September 18, 2010

July 2010 – Norway

We drove into Norway, took a ferry across the Oslo fjord and continued south to Verdens Ende (the end of the world). There we visited Nina’s university friend Wenche and her family.

Then it was time to explore the central parts of Norway, this mountainous and beautiful country. We stopped at Norway’s largest stave church in Heddal.

We met up with our friends the Hägglund Family ( in a mountain valley close to Rjukan where they had found a nice bush camp next to a small river. Christine had made a cake for Disa to celebrate her recent birthday. Bush cake!

Norway is definitely a bit colder than Sweden, but the natural waterslides in the river were too tempting to resist the thrill.

We went to the 35 year anniversary of the Norwegian Land Rover Club. More than 100 vehicles from several countries had gathered in Flesberg.

We enjoyed meeting other Land Rover enthusiasts and travellers. Many people were interested in learning more about our travels.

At a Land Rover meeting there is of course a lot of off-road driving. Ola got stuck on a rocky path and had to be towed out.

Pär Hägglund got seriously stuck in a mud hole and had to be towed out.

Nina and Christine seemed to have fewer problems. Nina even qualified for the Trial finals!

Even the kids were allowed to drive, and they did not get stuck either…

Our journey continued up to Bessheim before we had to return to Sweden. We had some wonderful days in the mountains, with beautiful scenery, bush camping on lakeshores or at riversides, and we met very friendly people everywhere.

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