Saturday, September 18, 2010

March to April 2010

In March we started the skateboard season. Temba and Disa are learning fast. Tinna and Atlas are using the skateboard ramp as a playground.

In April we spent our Easter holiday in the summer house with Nina’s sisters and their families. The arrival of the Easter bunny was a highlight. The hunt was on, with 10 cousins in fierce competition trying to find all the sweets hidden in the garden. Atlas looked like a winner.

Nina has switched from a public dental clinic to the private clinic Smile, where she is now enjoying her work as a dentist.

Ola is still working as an Export manager. During his latest business trip, to St Petersburg, the volcano eruption in Iceland cancelled the return flights. Ola did not mind since he likes to travel overland instead of flying. He managed to get back to Sweden by car to Helsinki, boat to Stockholm and bus again to Malmö. It took a few days longer, but it was an interesting experience. Now he regrets that he did not buy an old Russian Niva jeep in which he could have driven home. Maybe next time…


The Ringdahl Family

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