Sunday, June 15, 2008

13-14 June – Moldavia and Szekely Land, Romania

We are now back in Romania after our exciting tour through parts of the former Soviet Union. Rural Moldavia in Romania is beautiful. And driving through the Bicaz Gorge (reaching almost 2000 metres) was exhilarating.

The Szekely Land, on the western side of the Bicaz Gorge, remains very Hungarian. It is part of Transylvania which was under Hungarian rule for over 1000 years and was transferred to Romanian rule as late as 1918. Some villages we passed are almost 100% Hungarian. There is still significant tension between Hungary and the surrounding countries regarding the old territory of Great Hungary.

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Wilke rules! said...

Hej Ola and family,
It is very nice to read the account of your travels and see the pictures. We wish you lots of happy experiences!
Kära hälsningar,
Louis & Linda