Wednesday, June 4, 2008

18-25 May - Romania

After resting in Tokaj, we felt ready for the challenges of Romania. We drove into the Maramures region in the northwestern part of the country. Here, time has practically been standing still for the last hundred years. Yes, there are some cars and satellite dishes, but most of the people live in a very simple way. We loved the friendliness of the people and the children got a good history lesson in Maramures. They learnt about small farming, about how to produce food, how to make clothes, how to plough with a horse, how to cut the grass, and so on.

The next region we visited in Romania, Southern Bucovina, is marginally more developed than Maramures. Here, the main attractions are the painted churches. For us, however, what we enjoyed most was our stay at the Putna monastery where the monks fed us and tried to convert us to the orthodox faith. We behaved very politely and listened more than we spoke. It is interesting how religion has become very popular in the countries which were under communism before.

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