Sunday, June 15, 2008

9 June – The so-called “Republic of Transdniestr”

The self-proclaimed Pridnestrovskaya Moldovskaya Respublika, aka the “Republic of Transdniestr”, is an ugly pimple on the face of Europe. It is corrupt, racist and violent. It is a centre for trafficking, arms dealers and drug smugglers. It still believes that the Soviet Union exists. The republic has not been acknowledged by any country, and yet its borders are protected by 5000 Russian troops. So we just had to go there. But I must admit that it was very tough to get into the country, and even tougher to exit. The officials at the borders tried all the tricks in the book to extort money from us. But we managed to pass through the “republic” without paying a cent. And now we have all the Lenin statue photos to prove that we were there!

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