Monday, January 5, 2009

14-18 December – The long road to Goa

The time had come for us to head south towards Goa. The children’s grandmother (Ola’s mother Lisbeth) would come to Goa on 21 December to spend Christmas with us. We did not want to be late for that! And we had to find a nice place to stay in Goa. We had about 2000 km to drive, so we knew it would take several days. But we ran out of luck (Murphy’s Law). Strange noises started coming from the gearbox. Suddenly we discovered that fifth gear had disappeared. Then the reverse gear stopped working. And we continued losing a gear every half hour until only fourth gear remained. Terrible noises were heard from the gearbox. We still had more than 1700 km to go.

The fourth gear was still working an hour later, so we decided to take a crazy gamble and try to drive the whole way to Goa. Since we could not reverse, we spent the nights camping at the roadside at bus stops, petrol stations and canteens. The closer we got to Goa, the more our spirits rose. After five very challenging days and 1700 km in fourth gear we actually reached Goa. Our gamble had succeeded and we were very happy!

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