Monday, January 5, 2009

7-10 December – Pushkar and Jodhpur, India

Pushkar seems to be very popular with tourists, but it was perhaps not our kind of place. We are probably not spiritual enough to appreciate the many hundred Hindu temples, the dirty lake (very holy) or the many gurus (beggars) who claim to offer Western tourists the key to inner peace. But we will always remember the cacophony of the many wedding parties going on that night. There is no lack of loudspeakers in Pushkar...
We continued to Jodhpur and spent a few days there. We camped in a beautiful garden next to a noble villa turned hotel. Disa had come down with a stomach infection, so we rested most of the time. But Nina and Temba visited the Meheranghar Fort which sits on a 125 meter high cliff in the middle of the city. Jodhpur is called ‘the blue city’. Some people say that the special blue color of the houses helps to keep the mosquitoes away. Anyhow, the view from the fort is very blue. And both Nina and Temba had their fortunes told by a man who was presumably and expert at reading the palm of your hand. Temba was very fascinated by this experience.

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