Friday, January 16, 2009

6-9 January – Gear Box Adventures, Goa

A phone call from an air cargo company told us that the new gear box had arrived from the UK and was now in customs. Ola waved goodbye to family beach life and drove Alhambra to customs. After a full day of Kafka experiences, and a more thorough understanding of the art of Indian corruption and bureaucracy, Ola had taken possession of the gear box. All the 15 customs officials and agents were richer than before, and smiling. Ola was a bit poorer than before, but still smiling.
After asking around, Ola found a car repair workshop which looked reasonably tidy. It was in the city of Vasco da Gama. Three days of vary hard work followed in the garage. Ola, the service manager Felton, and mechanic Ganesh worked twelve hours per day.
Finally, the new gear box was fitted and everything was working. Ola could reunite with family and we celebrated with a nice dinner in the evening. Now we have a functioning vehicle again!

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