Wednesday, March 4, 2009

26-27 February – Tribhuvan Highway, Nepal

In Nepal, we think that Highway means a road which runs at a high altitude. The Tribhuvan winds its way up from the plains (200m altitude) to a 2488m high pass south of Daman.
It took two hours driving, and we were suddenly in a different world. Rhododendron, pine trees, cool air, eagles in the sky.
However, the advertised view of all the highest peaks in Nepal (including Mt Everest) was covered by clouds today.
We reached Kathmandu. Even if it is the capital, the Maoist government is only switching the electricity on for a couple hours a day (like in the rest of Nepal). They are probably selling the electricity to India in order to finance all the weapons needed to keep the power they recently gained after an eight year civil war against the king and his supporters. This country has a lot of problems!

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loafer said...

hey guys, do you know the flowers the girls in your pics are holding? They're Rhododendrons...Nepal's national flower...found between 20000-4000 meters !