Thursday, March 12, 2009

7 March – Swayambunath Temple, Nepal

We climbed the 350 odd steps up to the ”Monkey Temple” in Swayambunath in western Kathmandu.
A large Buddhist stupa dominates the hill. The all seeing eyes of the Buddha look drowsily out from the top of the stupa. A few tired monks and pilgrims are in stupa orbit.
Small souvenir shops try to attract the few tourists who have climbed the hill. But the tourists seem to be more interested in a cold drink than a small Buddha statue, a miniature prayer wheel, or a painted mask.
Some monkeys were clinging to the smaller stupas surrounding the main stupa. A thousand pigeons were busy doing what pigeons are good at. Hindu pilgrims were burning sacrifices to their gods. As usual, this temple visit was a colorful but rather smelly affair...

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