Thursday, March 12, 2009

6 March – The Step, Kathmandu, Nepal

We visited a new orphanage, The Step, which has been created through the efforts of Sofia Lindblom from Sweden and her Nepali friend Rajeev Singhania. We were shown around by Rajeev and had a very interesting afternoon.
There are currently six girls living in the Girls Home: Srijana, Samjhana, Rista, Yuta, Mina and Smriti. They are between five and eight years old. The plan is that the girls will stay at The Step until they are 18. Gradually, Sofia and Rajeev would like to expand the orphanage.
Our children played with the girls. They would like to come and visit again in the future. We donated some money to help fund new school uniforms for the girls.
You can read more about The Step at
We think it is a great initiative.
Well done Sofia, Rajeev and everybody else who has been involved!

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Familjen Lindblom said...

Vad roligt att läsa att ni hade en trevlig dag! Både Rajeev och jag tycker att det var riktigt roligt att ni hälsade på och tack snälla för det genrösa bidraget! MVH
Sofia Lindblom