Saturday, May 30, 2009

16-17 May – Golden Triangle, Thailand

We spent a night in an Akha village on a steep hill. A nice experience, if not exactly action-packed. Village life is slow. Most people seem to be waiting for something that might never happen. We walked around in the village, meeting friendly smiles everywhere. But communication is of course a challenge. Very few people in these villages even speak Thai.
The Golden Triangle is famous for opium. Nowadays, there is not much opium growing on the Thai side of the Triangle thanks to an effective ban and a replacement-crop program. However, the opium business is still booming across the Mekong River in Burma and Laos. We visited the excellent new museum Hall of Opium to learn more about the history of opium. It was fascinating. And what a great museum!

We drove along the mighty Mekong River towards the river crossing into Laos. It was raining slightly, and a giant rainbow formed along the river. What a great end to our wonderful weeks in Thailand. New adventures are waiting for us on the other side of the rainbow – in Laos.

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