Saturday, May 16, 2009

6-7 May – Karen village, Thailand

In the border areas between Thailand and Burma there are camps with hundreds of thousands of Burmese refugees. These refugees are caught in no man’s land. They lack citizenship and have no future anywhere. It is a silent tragedy.
We hired a guide who showed us to a very remote village where people from the Karen tribe live. It is only a kilometer away from the border with Burma. The track was ridiculously bumpy and steep.
We were warmly welcomed, but our unannounced visit caused quite a commotion. Our guide/interpreter explained that the people in this village had never seen blonde children before. Our four children were very much at the center of attention, so Nina and I could walk around and have a look at village life without people even noticing us.
We looked at how the people lived, played, weaved, cooked, and so on. Our children noticed the poverty and asked if this is how people live in Africa. They were right. This looks very much like the poorest parts of Africa.

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