Wednesday, May 6, 2009

21-24 April – Cameron Highlands and Penang, Malaysia

After our steaming experience in the rainforest it was great to drive into the Highlands. At 1500 meters, the altitude reduces the temperature by at least ten degrees. We rummaged through our bags to find long trousers and sweaters. The air felt so fresh!
We visited the BOH tea plantation and enjoyed the marvelous views of the tea fields.
We feasted on strawberries and had tea and scones at the very colonial Ye Olde Smokehouse.
But our favourite culinary experience was at the Indian restaurant Kumar, where we had delicious meals. The children especially loved the Indian paratha pancakes (for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner).
Cameron Highlands boasts a very substantial population of old, beaten up Land Rovers. We exchanged waves and friendly smiles with hundreds of them before leaving the mountains and descending into the hot and humid plains again.
Our last stop in Malaysia was a very efficient sightseeing of the World Heritage Site of Georgetown, Penang.

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