Saturday, October 18, 2008

11-12 October – Southwestern Iran

We drove down from the mountains and came out on the hot and humid plains of southern Iran. The ruins of Shush leave most things to your imagination. But we were lucky enough to be invited for lunch in an Iranian home. Neda Zarbakhsh, her parents, some of her 11 older brothers and sisters, and their spouses showed us how to enjoy a real Persian lunch. Neda is 18, speaks good English and is the first person in the family who attends university. We sat there on the Persian carpets, enjoying the tasty lunch. Afterwards we had some tea before we had to continue our journey.

In Choqa Zanbil we stopped to look at the huge ziggurat (reminiscent of a step pyramid) from the 13th century BC (Elamite period). It was plundered in the 7th century BC and after that it was ‘lost’. An oil company discovered it in 1935 when studying aerial photos of the oil rich area.

So far we have only met two other foreigners in Iran. We are a very exotic happening wherever we show up. Everybody wants to take pictures of the children who are posing patiently while mobile phone cameras are clicking.

To take a break from the attention, we are bush camping every day, far away from any people. We have found very nice places to bush camp all through western Iran.

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