Sunday, October 5, 2008

21-25 September – Cappadocia (part 2), Turkey

We loved the Ihlara Valley where we could explore the rock formations and old caves on our own. The stay in Selime with Mustafa and friends was unforgettable. Playing cards with the children on a platform in the middle of the Ihlara river was beautiful. Then the kids went on a donkey ride on the oldest donkey we have ever seen.

We continued to Derinkuyu and one of the many underground villages of Cappadocia. For thousands of years, the villagers have been digging tunnels and caves in order to have a place to hide when the enemies come. Crawling down into those narrow tunnels, 60 meters below ground, was very claustrophobic!

We spent a few days in Göreme, the tourist centre of Cappadocia. We explored the valleys on foot and did the necessary things (washing, cleaning, organizing, updating the web log, checking e-mails) which we try to do every 14 days. The nature around Göreme is truly stunning. We especially enjoyed Rose valley, Izmit valley, Swords valley and Pasabagi valley.

When bush camping in the Rose Valley, we woke up and had 20 hot air balloons passing above our tent. Wow! And after breakfast a man came with his horse and cart. The children helped him to pick tomatoes and melons. Then they got a ride into town while we followed in the Land Rover. What a morning!

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