Monday, October 27, 2008

23-25 October – Kaluts Desert, Iran

After Kerman we drove into the Kaluts Desert north of the oasis of Shahdad. This is, supposedly, the second warmest place on the planet. Summer temperatures can reach 65 degrees centigrade. But in late October the temperature is very pleasant, around 37 degrees during the day and 20 during the night. The landscape is very beautiful, with giant sand formations sticking up like large sand castles everywhere.

We spent the next two days playing in the sand. We love the desert, and the Kaluts is really a great playground for kids. At night we marveled at the stars and the thick Milky Way.
While exploring the exciting sand castles and beautiful landscape, we managed to get stuck in the sand. The children were very excited. Finally they could use the shovel and the sand ladders! So everybody helped out, digging the car out of the deep sand. On the second attempt we managed to reach firmer ground again. What fun!

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Enjoy reading your Blog. Nice photos of Desert in Iran. Wish can visit there as well. AL Australia