Sunday, October 5, 2008

26-28 September – Nemrut Dagi, Turkey

Everywhere we go, people are harvesting something. Cotton, pumpkins, tomatoes, tobacco, apples, melons. We often stop and watch. It is a nice opportunity to talk to people.

We drove into the Nemrut Dagi National Park. On top of this 2150 meter high mountain are very large statues. The heads have fallen off, and stand in front of the seated bodies. The statues were made during the rein of Antiochus, yet another megalomaniac king, approximately 2000 years ago. It is a stunning sight, seeing these statues on top of the mountain in such a remote place. We came when it was cloudy, and this added a mysterious touch. But the next day, when we saw that the sky was clear, we returned to the summit to see the statues and the surroundings in sunshine.

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